Unique and rare cars Ferrari 250 GTO auctioned Tens Million Dollars

Hello fans of the international automotive world, there is news that truly horrendous once this news comes from unique and rare car product creation named Ferrari 250 GTO Ferrari production in 1962. In these rare cars know used to be one of the fastest cars in the future. In addition, a limited production car only about 39 vehicles only.

It can not imagine if a review of the price of this car, old car history because they have very long at all and had a special meaning for the first owner of the car the Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta. Starting from the owner to buy this unique car to be included in the touring event, but ended tragically once where when following a long journey that this car had an accident until it was badly damaged.

Because the owner is very happy to have the 250 GTO supercar is so rare car repair garage entrance lane to recover to normal. After this car looks like new, first owner named Jo was eventually sold to Eva as the second car brand Ferrari in 1965. During his life Eva care for this unique car as proper care for her own children and in 2010 the car was sold to exchange auction, but not in this mampy suspected scrap metal sold tens of millions of dollars to be exact is $ 38.1 million and switch Ferrari 250 GTO car is in the hands of the collector car world billionaires.

Being rich is quite fun once because it can buy anything we want, including luxury cars goods though the price could reach tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. His name is also a hobby collector so he needs to pull out or prepare unlimited money to buy the cars unique and rare, currently deployed in the world.

At that moment the Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta now be entered into the record books with the theme of the auction auction worth tens of millions of dollars.

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